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Power Plus Productions Acquires the Production & Rental Divisions from Performance Audio in Salt Lake City, Utah

Posted: May 18, 2021 by Power Plus Productions

Power Plus® Productions Acquires the Production & Rental Divisions from Performance Audio® in Salt Lake City, Utah

May 18, 2021 | Press Release

San Diego, California – May 18, 2021—Power Plus® Productions based in San Diego, California announced the acquisition of the production and rental divisions from Performance Audio® in Salt Lake City, Utah. The move to purchase Performance Audio’s production & rental departments comes in conjunction with Power Plus Productions opening new offices in Salt Lake City.

This expansion enables Power Plus to more effectively deliver the best customer experience to its growing base in Utah. With the sale of their Rental Department, Performance Audio looks forward to continuing their core retail business and sharply focus on delivering the highest level of customer experience for equipment sales, system design and installation, as they have for over 40 years.

“I began my career over 35 years ago in Salt Lake City, working closely with Performance Audio,” said Lane Rickard, President and Owner of Power Plus Productions. “By 2020 it became clear that the most effective way to achieve a presence in the Salt Lake marketplace, and better support our customers there, was to work with my long-time associates at Performance Audio. This acquisition was a natural progression of our mutual business goals.”

“Performance Audio has deep roots in the Salt Lake market and has maintained their reputation as the source for the highest level of service and equipment sales and rentals in this area,” said Darrin Porter, Co-Owner of Performance Audio. “We have had the opportunity to be a part of a team that holds the highest commitment to excellence, and we have seen the same in Power Plus Productions. We have worked together with them and witnessed each other’s growth and success over the years. This acquisition provides a merging of our staff, talented crew, and production communities, with far-reaching growth.”

Performance Audio was started by Kevin Lewis in 1977. Chris Fillmore joined the Performance Audio family in 1989, working with Kevin to put systems and processes in place. Chris was key in the development of the website, which went live in 1996, a customer service feature ahead of its time. Since his first purchase from Performance Audio in 1987, Darrin Porter was a dedicated customer, and in 1998 was excited when Kevin offered him a position with the company. Kevin passed away unexpectedly in 2002, leaving behind a talented staff to continue the business.

Since 1989, Power Plus Productions has been committed to providing experienced, efficient staff and the latest high-quality equipment for any production event. Whether providing full-service production from concept to completion or working as an event partner, Power Plus Productions prides itself on working with clients to understand their needs and expectations, and help them clearly deliver their message to attendees.